LJMU Faculty of Engineering and Technology Fair Thursday 14 Oct- 10am-1pm:

Recruitment fairs can be extremely rewarding and valuable. If you are a Faculty of Engineering and Technology student about to embark on a career path in your chosen field, or if you have no idea what you want to do, this event will potentially open many doors and can even make it easier to narrow down the exact job you would like to apply for. Learn more about the skills employers are looking for right now in industry and their recruitment process.

The event provides a platform for students to view and chat with potential employers as they look to recruit students from Liverpool John Moores University.

The Faculty Fair will focus on particular areas of employment such as Computing, Construction, Engineering, Maritime, Mathematical Sciences, and Surveying. There will be opportunities that do not require a specific degree subject so take time to browse the details available.

LJMU Virtual Recruitment Fair Thursday 14 Oct- 2pm-5pm:

We are delighted to welcome you back to campus. As well as assembling a 2021/22 programme through which you’ll be able to meet employers in person, we’ve developed this event to connect you virtually to a wide variety of organisations that are recruiting right now. Organisations include those with graduate schemes and multiple positions available locally/ nationally as well as local businesses who want to recruit from LJMU and meet our talent. Each employer has at least one opportunity that doesn’t require a specific degree subject to apply. Join in and take time to browse the graduate job, internship and placement details available. Download information that interests you and chat online with a wide range of representatives. They are there to help, discuss the opportunities they are promoting, what they look for when they recruit and how to apply.

Visit the Careers, Employability and Enterprise booth for information advice and guidance from Careers and Employability Consultants and Employability Advisers

Registering for the event and logging in

Students and LJMU staff need to register once using your LJMU email. If you are an LJMU graduate any email address will do. On event day, login using these details.

You will find the virtual booths for this event in the Exhibition Hall.

Virtual booths

  • Offering placements, undergraduate and post-graduate opportunities.

  • Each booth includes a link to a chat, where you can chat online with representatives.

  • Some of the booths also include resources like PDFs and videos, which you can add to your ‘goody bag’ to email to yourself after the event.

Joining Webinars
Visit the Auditorium to access pre-recorded webinars.

Ask us about the event
Visit the Information Desk for information advice and guidance from the Skills Support Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will arrive on event day and the lobby area will signpost you to various activity. There are two main areas- the Exhibition Hall and the Auditorium.

Visiting the Exhibition Hall, you will see a list of employers attending. You will be able to scroll through these employers to display their virtual booths. Take your time, make the most of your visit and browse the booths to see what the organisation has shared about themselves and their opportunities. Their display may include information to read, links to their vacancy information and web pages, an introduction to their reps, advice on their application process, maybe some video to watch. They may also attach supplementary information in their navigation bar- links to job opportunity details, key documents, advice on their recruitment and selection process and their social media channels. You can download this information during your visit and email it to yourself to refer to after the event.

Each booth also has a “Live chat” facility. Depending on the booth representative/s availability, you will be able to follow the group live chat, add to the group live chat and use the direct message function for specific questions .

You may also visit the Auditorium area to access a variety of webinars to help you become more employable. These are pre-recorded and available on demand.

Don’t forget to visit the LJMU Student Futures booth! We will be keen to provide advice and guidance, signpost you to up to date careers resources and tell you how to book in for a 1-1 appointment with an Employability or Careers Adviser.

The JMU Careers Team will be available on their booth for the duration of the event. We can answer questions on the group live chat and deal with specific enquiries through direct messaging. We will share resources to help with your search for jobs and placements and help you to become more employable. We look forward to meeting you- virtually.
You will need to have access to the internet, so you can participate wherever that’s available. However, we recommend that attendees access the platform via a personal computer to get the best Open House experience as the platform will behave differently on mobile devices. If you are using a mobile device (e.g. phone, tablet), you will also need to download and sign in to the Zoom app.
We will use it to share information about careers, employability & enterprise-related support and resources with you. Rest assured that we are compliant with GDPR and that your data is safe with us!
You can use the email address that you used to register for the event.
Yes – although live interactions with recruiters will only be available on the day itself, the event page will remain open until 13 Nov so you can still pop in to look at recuiter information & webinars.
Yes - like a physical event, we will have a Goody Bag for you! You can add all the documents available to the online Goody Bag in your account and then email them to yourself or share items with your fellow students by simply by entering their email.
This is an online event. You do not have to travel to any specific location. You can participate anywhere that you have internet access.
The Placement Team will be available at the information desk for the duration of the event. We can answer questions on the group live chat.